1. Should I view the body of the person I love?

Many of us will be confronted with this question at some point in our lives. There is no right answer but the thinking is that if we are properly prepared it can be very helpful. When sudden death strikes it can be extremely difficult to accept the person we love is dead.

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2. “You seriously want to die alone?”

I cock my head to one side and stare at my friend, “Do you really mean that?” I say, quietly. Yes, she does. “I’d like to be left alone to enjoy the magic of the passing over. I don’t want the process to be contaminated by the fear of those who are reluctant to let me go.” Why

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3. The Rise of the Death Podcast (and a few of my personal favourites)

I am an avid reader. Actually that’s not strictly true, I used to be avid reader. We are talking two books a week. And it was all going swimmingly until late 2017, when I got hooked on podcasts. Now I’m lucky to read three books a year. My dirty secret is out. What happened? What could podcasts possibly offer that books couldn’t? Companionship in the dark.

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