How to listen to a podcast

Listen on this website

Click here to visit the Podcast page.

  • Each episode has a blue listen button. Press this button and a new page will open. There is a new page for each episode.

  • On the Episode page, you will see that episode’s Show Notes and a rectangular box in the middle of the page with an arrow. This is the sound file with the audio on it.

  • Press the ‘arrow’ to play.

  • If you want it to pause, press the arrow again. And then again to restart.

Listen on your iPhone or iPad

If you have an iPhone or iPad you will already have the Apple Podcast App loaded onto your device. Open the app.

  • On the bottom right hand side there is a little symbol of a magnifying glass. This is the symbol for ‘search’. Click this symbol.

  • In the search bar, type Dead Honest. You will be taken to a drop down menu with Dead Honest on the first line. Click this and you will see my Show Page.

  • Click on the logo image and you will get to the page with my episodes on it.

  • Scroll through the episodes and when you find one you like, click on the description. It will open up and start playing!

Android and Tablet

The best explanation I can find for listening to podcasts on Android devices is on Wikihow, click here.

What is the Subscribe button?

It is free to subscribe to podcasts. If you press the subscribe button, new episodes will automatically download when they are released. Or in my case, when the next series of Dead Honest is released online.